Amazon patents a mirror which will let you try clothes virtually

Amazon patents a mirror which will let you try clothes virtually

If the inability to use a 『changing room』 to see how you look in the dress you have picked holds you back from making a purchase online, then Amazon may have come to your rescue.

The world’s largest e-tailer has patented a blended-reality mirror with the United States Patent and Trademark Office which will let you 『try』 the dress as you see it, albeit, virtually.

The blended-reality display uses a system of cameras, projectors, displays, mirrors and lights to add layers to your moving image and enrich it on the real-time basis.

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The mirror first creates a virtual model of the environment by scanning it. It then identifies the user’s eyes and ears in order to reflect back the image. After that, virtual clothes and scenes are blended with the image. As a result, a user will be able to see his or her real-time image with the dress on. (See the sketch of the process in the picture above.)

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Though, it is not clear if this is just an explorative idea or it will eventually turn into a consumer product.

Amazon already has a product Amazon Echo Look for similar purposes. The handsfree device takes full-length photos of users and provides them with latest fashion tips and recommendation.

Incidentally, Amazon had acquired an AI-software and computer vision company Body Labs last year which was working in this field. The company had developed an ability to create 3D models of human bodies in motion and then dress them in virtual outfits.

Closer home, in India, Flipkart-owned Myntra is also working on something similar to Amazon Echo. It is adding a feature to its app for consumers that can rate the user's attire and eventually, help them don clothes that are in fashion.

"It uses the camera of the phone, figures out what you are wearing and then provides a rating. It is for the fashion-conscious audience who would want to wear the latest trends and be seen as fashionable," Myntra Chief Products Officer Ambarish Kenghe said.

Besides, the fashion retailer is using technologies like data mining and artificial intelligence to help designers come up with patterns and styles that can boost sales for apparel makers.

"The software uses data like designs and styles that are popular, cuts that customers, then, comes up with designs on its own using AI that have been used by the two in-house brands (Moda Rapido and Here)," Kenghe said.